Market research

If you are considering to expand your business the first question is: which is the appropriate country or market to go? Usually there is not enough information available to decide it. It would be useful if you knew how many potential customers or partners are in the targeted country. This way you can compare the situation to the domestic market which is well known by you. If you want to know how many potential partners or customers are in Hungary, please contact us and we will inform you for free about Hungarian companies.


If your company decided to expand usually your products have an ideal customer to target. If you have an ideal customer profile and you are curious about how many of them are in Hungary please contact us and we will send you a list of your potential Hungarian customers for small money.


The next issue on the list is how much demand there is for your products and services in the Hungarian market. Sometimes it is difficult to judge even if you know the number of the potential customers in the market, because information about the competition in the market and about the competitors’ products is usually not known. If you would like to have a market research please contact us and describe your thoughts about the necessary information, we will contact you in 72 hours to discuss the details and the price of the survey.


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